Pure Joy

One of my favorite meals to eat is pizza and buffalo style wings. I enjoy the contrast of taste, the aspect that utensils are not requires, and the spicy-hot wings. All of this combined with an icy cold soda and a football game on the big screen television is a wonderful experience.

The problem is that I am on a perpetual diet. I try to limit my fat and oil consumption and I struggle with how eating dairy products affects my body. The result is a hesitation to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

This morning, I read Philippians 3:1 and it struck me anew:

    Finally, my brethren, rejoice in the Lord.

As I read this I considered my own hesitation to rejoice in The Lord. Do I experience joy in The Lord to the fullest? Do I project to others around me the joy that I hold in my heart, or do I project a level of hypocrisy as I say, “joy” but project “frustration” or “lack”?

So this morning, I counted my blessings, I examined my heart and my walk, and I resolved to consider it all joy! Oh, how beautiful! Oh, how precious! Oh, how magnificent it is to live a life of righteousness before a Holy and all-powerful God because Jesus has saved me – redeemed me through his blood. It is by faith I have been saved – Jesus did it all!

Today I live a live of pure joy and contentment. Today I live joy to the fullest because of the grace that surrounds me and penetrates me. Today I truly live in Jesus Christ.

My dear friends, live the joy, live the love, live the faith. Start today by rejoicing in The Lord.

Author: RGM

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